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To date, I have had a million blogs. Turns out, I like writing about myself, so I started out on LiveJournal, briefly posted on DeadJournal, then eventually moved everything over to blogger. First, it was personal stories (Short Story Long), which my friends and family thought was very funny. Then, I decided to write about my love for cooking (Adventures in a Tiny Kitchen, the food photography on this one makes me cringe!). After a blogging hiatus and the desire to write about art and all of the things I found on Etsy, I started Look Nook.

The idea behind Look Nook is the heart and foundation of the current blog: to collect and share all of the pretty things I find online. I've changed the name to Petals & Pleats for mostly silly reasons. (1) I got bored of the name Look Nook. I'm fickle, so sue me. (2) The words "Petals" and "Pleats" are anagrams of each other and I think that's cool.  [I also thought I'd start up a sister blog based on food and call it Plates & Staple to keep with the trend. It would include pictures of the meals I make for myself (the "plates"), recipes, and the staple items I discover that everyone should have... like sriracha and dijon mustard.  I will let you know if I ever do that.] (3) I've always had a thing for both pleated skirts and flowers. That's a good reason, right? (4) I kind of wanted to use the tagline "And all things neat!" which rhymes. I resisted. (5) My etsy shop is called Leafy Leafy designs so I thought this would tie in nicely with that, kind of. Okay, I am just pulling at threads here. Oh, and there's this:

Ultimately, I am hopeful that this blog will go beyond the Look Nook concept and include more personal stories weaved in amongst the gems I find online. That said, I've converted Look Nook into a Tumblr for your viewing pleasure. You can find it here.

To read the original "about" page, click here.

And no worries (because I know you are all super worried about my little old blog), all posts from Look Nook are in the archives. Fun!

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