I he(art): Ian Teh.

Our office recently relocated to the financial district, which is basically the worst (for so many reasons). The one silver lining, however, is that I can take the ferry in as part of my commute. And even though it is about twice as expensive as the subway, it is exponentially more civilized (note: I am including the oblivious moms with their enormous baby strollers and the clueless tourists in this very-mathematical calculation), making it all worth it. And because it's New York there is a floating art exhibit aboard (photographs inspired by water reproduced on really terrifying stretched fabric hangy-things, if we are being technical). This has apparently been up all summer, but I only noticed it last week when it featured the work of Ian Teh.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact images that are in this exhibition online (if one can call something organized by the East River Ferry an "exhibition") but all of his work holds the same quiet, yet bold, beauty. They remind me of the photography of Youngsuk Suh, due to their similar styles of ethereal documentation of forgotten places.

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