What is a weekend?

It's almost time for Downton Abbey to return! I'm dolphin squealing in my head right now, which says maybe a little too much about my excitement towards an understated British drama. But honestly, I really can't wait for the next season of forced polite dialogue and overly dramatic pauses, the Dowager Countess's facial expressions and sass, and of course, the clothes.

Yes, I am aware everyone is obsessed with the ladies Crawley and their lovely attire. I know I am not the least bit original as I sit here and gush over the fashion of Downton Abbey. It's been done, a million times over, and on this topic I've probably seen every roundup, slide show, and Polyvore collage that exists in the entire internet. So even though I want to, I am not going to share with you a beaded or lacy dress that's appropriate to wear during after-dinner cordial time (that does exist, I'm pretty sure).

Instead, I am going to share with you my take on a more casual side to Downton. You know, the outfit you might want to wear if dragged along on a pheasant shooting trip with the men (when you need to be both casual and chic because that's the perfect time to flirt with someone who is not your fiancé). We know Lady Grantham may not understand the concept of a weekend, but I'd like to think that if Lady Mary was dropped into the 21st century and had to find an outfit to wear without the help of Anna, she might lean towards something along the lines of the below.
Casual Friday at Downton Abbey means to me tailored pieces inspired by menswear combined with feminine details and whimsical accessories. Plus a pair of jodhpurs and flat suede shoes. Because why not.

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  1. right on point, as always! love those jodhpur pants and the blazer especially.