I he(art): Happy Red Fish.

Not only have I been behind on writing blog posts, but I've also been behind on reading blogs lately (despite the fact I just re-organized my feedly). Due to a new project at work, I had the opportunity to catch up on some of my favorites the other day, including Design*Sponge, within which I happened upon the works of Happy Red Fish, an Amsterdam-based creative studio. The embroidered found images I am most obsessed with are from the Lonely Houses series. They pull on my heartstrings. Get it?

I love when art and craft successfully merge together. The images of these houses on their own (floating in a sea of white space) would almost be enough for me but the addition of the embroidered threads gives them an air of otherworldliness. I especially love how the arrangement of the threads themselves complements the structure of the homes, but doesn't directly conform to the  images. Together, the result is hauntingly beautiful. Or maybe I just like embroidery in unexpected places. Either way, it works for me.
Learn more about Happy Red Fish here.

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