I he(art): Kristine Zingeler.

I love photography. And collage. And flowers. So it kind of goes without saying that I would love these artworks by Kristine Zingler seeing as they are a combination of all three of my favorite things. One aspect of these photographed collages that I particularly enjoy is that even though she uses found images (and the occasional famous face) layered with leaves and flowers, the result is never overly precious or school-projecty (this is a term now, I've decided). Instead, she manages to create depth, texture, and absolutely stunning and surprising finished products.
View more of the artworks in this series here.

3 things I'm daydreaming about.

1: After the arrow roundup and that way too cute to be true stuffed succulent, all I can think about is a Southwest road trip. Deserts, canyons (grand and small), turquoise jewelry. And of course all of my photographs will come out like this one. It will be like a hipstamatic version of Breaking Bad, minus the meth and violence.
Southwest photograph by Journey's Eye

2: My new fake tattoo. I have a low threshold for pain and I can never make up my mind about what tattoo to get if I ever mustered up the courage to actually do it. I am so indecisive I can't even decide which temporary tattoo (or set) I should buy. Because yes, I am 12 and at a slumber party so I must adorn myself with temporary tattoos. Especially this set which involves ice cream truck popsicles and diamonds. Love.
Premier Set by Tattly
3: I spotted this bag from Of A Kind and I've wanted it since. The blue leather is to die for. It is just basic enough for every day use but has just the perfect amount of extra-specialness to make it swoonworthy. It's sold out (and completely out of my budget anyway), so for now it's just a daydream. Crossing my fingers something similar comes out for the holiday season so I can add it to my wish list. 
Madeleine Bag by Ernest Alexander
What have you been dreaming about this Friday?

I he(art): Happy Red Fish.

Not only have I been behind on writing blog posts, but I've also been behind on reading blogs lately (despite the fact I just re-organized my feedly). Due to a new project at work, I had the opportunity to catch up on some of my favorites the other day, including Design*Sponge, within which I happened upon the works of Happy Red Fish, an Amsterdam-based creative studio. The embroidered found images I am most obsessed with are from the Lonely Houses series. They pull on my heartstrings. Get it?

I love when art and craft successfully merge together. The images of these houses on their own (floating in a sea of white space) would almost be enough for me but the addition of the embroidered threads gives them an air of otherworldliness. I especially love how the arrangement of the threads themselves complements the structure of the homes, but doesn't directly conform to the  images. Together, the result is hauntingly beautiful. Or maybe I just like embroidery in unexpected places. Either way, it works for me.
Learn more about Happy Red Fish here.

Prickly in pink.

I will be the first to admit I have a black thumb - meaning, I've killed my fair share of plants (or perhaps a little bit more than my fair share). The only plant I was able to keep alive for a significant period of time was a tiny prickly pear cactus (which I bought at Ikea - don't judge, they have a wonderful selection of affordable potted plants) so I have kind of a soft spot for succulents. Which makes this adorable pink and purple stuffed succulent by sian on Etsy the most perfect faux plant I could ever imagine.  I also love the rest of her stuffed creatures, like this wild boar

Follow the arrow.

I consider myself to be a little bit ahead of the curve sometimes. A year ago I bought this necklace (in gold, which is no longer available I am sorry to say) and now everywhere I go I see arrows. Here's the roundup of all the things I am currently swooning over.  I also think I might be on a little bit of a southwestern kick right now.