Le Cinéma: Les Emotifs Anonymes (Romantics Anonymous).

I've recently become a little bit obsessed with French romantic comedies. So much so that Netflix has created a special category of them, just for me.  Which I found very thoughtful, especially when it recommended Romantics Anonymous. Initially, I was psyched just by the title. I often consider myself one of the last romantics in the world (this is my latest reasoning as to why I am still single) so to think that in France there may be a club for other people in my same boat (or rather the existence of an idea of a club like that), was oddly thrilling.

In actuality, the translation of the title is a little off because the term 'emotifs' had to do more with an anxiety disorder that plagued the main characters of the film than being a romantic the way we understand it. But don't worry. If you think you don't want to watch a movie about two people who are completely socially awkward fall in love (while making chocolates), you are probably wrong. I found the whole thing to be entirely charming. 
Also, I love French films, because they always seem to have the best art direction and costume design. And the actresses are always pretty in a subtle, normal way. I like that. 

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