And I'm back.

Introducing the new + improved blog! 

I have this bad habit of not wanting to start things until I can do them properly. I think every year I make some sort of resolution about not procrastinating in some capacity. But old habits die hard. Back in March (I think?) I started a redesign of the blog. Changed the name, changed the header... and then for some reason didn't finish. I think in a lot of ways I was feeling a little bit lost and wasn't in the mood to get back up here and I felt like I hadn't really mapped out what it is that I wanted to do with this. But recently I started thinking again about the "Begin Anywhere" advice and decided to get it done. 

Found on Ginger-Ella
So I'm back. And I've changed the name of the blog, but it will have mostly the same content with a few new things and probably a little bit more about me. So I hope you keep reading! Also, this image was one of the inspirations for the new name:
Found on Lavender Aura
There's something really dreamy about a green pleated skirt packed away just for the purpose of a chance seaside afternoon dance. I have a serious case of wanderlust lately (and always). 

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