Elizabeth Corkery.

I've been meaning to post about Elizabeth Corkery for a while. So long I am not even sure where on the web I found out about her. Another blog, presumably. But it only took one look (a glance actually) for me to fall in love completely with this insane exhibition of patterned panels and domestic references.

I was going to attempt to make a connection between this and the iconic feminist artist Judy Chicago but everything I tried to write got too serious too quickly. And this isn't a serious blog. So that's enough of that. My main point would have been that I wouldn't classify this as "feminist" in the sense of the word that our parents' generation knows it, but I do think it falls under a new brand of feminism, in which art is actually allowed to be feminine, craft-like, decorative, and pretty... without undermining what it means to be female or making a negative point about things like kitchens. Even that sentence sounds a little more serious than I'd like, so I am sorry. I will write my next post about nail polish or stuffed animals, I promise.

Point being - take a look at this art. It's awesome. And the best part? You can actually buy the patterned panels from the exhibition and hang them on your own wall. I want them all. Santa... can you hear me?
More coolness: she did some kind of year-long trans-Pacific painting, drawing, baking collaboration with Elliot Bryce called Baked Love Letters. I want a baked love letter, please and thank you. 



  1. I am late in reading this post (haven't kept up with my blogs!) but I like your comment about art and the new brand of feminism. I struggle all the time with trying to figure out the difference between "craft" and "art." I have gotten pretty much nowhere on that, so any insight you have is appreciated! :)

    1. As you can see -- I have not kept up with my own blogs! Since clearly I haven't even caught up with the comments that have been lingering since December and it is now almost March. I don't even know how to tackle the difference between art & craft. I think in many ways it is just personal preference on what you like to call what you do, but some people would absolutely turn their nose up at a calling something that is typically craft (like embroidery or quilting) and say it can't be art. But then you look at people who do amazing things with those skills and it would be silly to not call it art. This is should probably be a dedicated post. I will work on it. I am currently in the middle of a re-design and possibly a re-name so I will be back to blogging soon!