Free hugs.

On the way to work the other day I almost ran into a girl who was wearing a Free Hugs button. What that meant didn't register in my brain quickly enough for me to have a reaction (or to look around and see if there were any cute and clean handsome young men also offering out free hugs - what can I say, I'm shallow) but I was pretty disappointed I missed a chance to get a hug. Truth be told, I've been craving hugs lately. Not just the hello or goodbye ones (which you are lucky to get from me anyway - anyone who knows me knows I am not a hugging friend) but the really good kind. I'd go into details on what makes a good hug, but I don't want to make anyone feel awkward. Moving on.

So obviously today when this holy adorableness of a stuffed owl appeared on Purl Bee when I just happened to check it because I realized yarn season had begun -- I almost cried. Tears. At work. This creature makes me so happy and I don't even own it.
And look how big it is! Granted, I think these chairs are a little small or the cat is ginormous or both, but this hand-knit stuffed owl is the most huggable thing I have ever seen. Aside from my parents' dog Roxie. We can't all own loveable golden retrievers, though - so this owl will have to do.
Who wants to make it for me? I think we all know that my own knitting skills are limited to half finished scarves and fully-complete potholders.

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