All that glitters is gold.

My fingernails have been naked since last Thursday. I have been in the mood to forgo my standard pink (or orange-coral) nails for something a little fancier but just haven't been able to put the extra effort in. Which is kind of bumming me out.

I had been thinking I'd decoupage my nails with newspaper (or maybe pages from the latest issue of Art Journal - it just came today and my brain melted when I tried to read it) but then my friend Tara sent me the link for these golden fingernail nuggets.

Seriously, I am dazzled by these nails. The two-tone gold design plus glitter is seriously memorizing. As much, if not more so, than the nail plan I had for the holidays (never happened). But unfortunately I do not have two versions of metallic gold nail polish and I am fresh out of glitter.

Isn't it great, though, how it is fashionable to have fun and funky nails again? And they are such a step up from the bedazzled acrylic nails of the late 90s. Take a look at these whimsical floral and stripes - it kind of reminds me of a Laura Ashley bedding set.
Although I'd love to go the artistic route, the nails below are a more likely story. They are also how mine normally look after a trip to Target. Sampling nail polish at discount stores is okay, right? Don't arrest me.
Hello, strawberries! I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I love strawberry things. Preferably cake, but this will work.
This last one is actually more about the awesome gray bow ring. Although, I do love that nail polish color since it is pretty much what I wear daily. Which is most likely what I will end up wearing tomorrow. Such big dreams, so little time.
Meanwhile, writing this post has made me procrastinate from what was meant to be the procrastination activity. In other procrastination news, I just finished reading what I thought was a going to be a cute tech-meets-romantic-comedy blog post from Good. But instead it made me cry. Go figure.

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