Can't buy me love.

But you can buy me these.

I like music but I am one of those people who really knows nothing about it. True story. I grew up in suburban CT where we only had Dave Matthews Band come around once a year. Fortunately, when I went to college a group of music lovers allowed me into their circle so I could expand my horizons beyond Britney Spears and the Clueless Soundtrack (still so great, all these years later).

These days, I try to sponge up all that I hear and learn a little more about the sounds that go in my ears and the feelings that come out of it. I've been participating in this music tournament (under the moniker DJ Roomba because I am that awesome. Click here if you want to vote on  today's match-ups.) and it's been so great in the sense that I have been listening to new, old, and new-to-me songs/bands and have really been able to figure out what I love (and what I do not love).

All of that said, this post is less about my personal taste in music and more about some awesome photographs that have emerged of the Beatles. I have to give my parents credit for exposing me to them at a young age. Unfortunately, I think I was the type of kid who could have cared less. Now, after listening to all of that I've been listening to lately... I can really see just how great the Beatles were/are. Even though my favorite song of theirs is super cheesy (I want to hold your hand) I've come to discover just how timeless their music really is.

Anyway, these were all taken by photographer Mike Mitchell when he was just 18 and was privy to some amazing access of the Beatles first US tour. I wish I could go back in time just to be part of Beatlemania.

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