Can't buy me love.

But you can buy me these.

I like music but I am one of those people who really knows nothing about it. True story. I grew up in suburban CT where we only had Dave Matthews Band come around once a year. Fortunately, when I went to college a group of music lovers allowed me into their circle so I could expand my horizons beyond Britney Spears and the Clueless Soundtrack (still so great, all these years later).

These days, I try to sponge up all that I hear and learn a little more about the sounds that go in my ears and the feelings that come out of it. I've been participating in this music tournament (under the moniker DJ Roomba because I am that awesome. Click here if you want to vote on  today's match-ups.) and it's been so great in the sense that I have been listening to new, old, and new-to-me songs/bands and have really been able to figure out what I love (and what I do not love).

All of that said, this post is less about my personal taste in music and more about some awesome photographs that have emerged of the Beatles. I have to give my parents credit for exposing me to them at a young age. Unfortunately, I think I was the type of kid who could have cared less. Now, after listening to all of that I've been listening to lately... I can really see just how great the Beatles were/are. Even though my favorite song of theirs is super cheesy (I want to hold your hand) I've come to discover just how timeless their music really is.

Anyway, these were all taken by photographer Mike Mitchell when he was just 18 and was privy to some amazing access of the Beatles first US tour. I wish I could go back in time just to be part of Beatlemania.

Coffee Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

If I could, I'd keep myself hooked up to a caffeine IV in order to keep me running smoothly all day. I started using a face wash that has caffeine in it because I do feel like every little bit helps (and also it's supposed to brighten my skin and make it look younger. Since I am pushing 30 and I already look 17, my goal here is to look like I am 6. New American dream: Benjamin Button disease).

All that said, coffee is my lifeline. A cup (or more, who am I kidding) a day is the only way I can function as a normal human being in this world (versus a zombie in another world).
(Micah and Whitney Stansell)

I haven't really done a post about how New York differs from other places I have lived. Which isn't surprising since I have done exponentially fewer posts since I have lived here than when I was bored in suburban CT. So there's that. But to the point, NYC never ceases to surprise or amaze me with what it will reveal on any given day. Coffee is no exception and here are my observations.
(Not NYC related, but learn about the designer here and see the flickr set here.)

A huge bonus to being a coffee drinker here is that everyone sells it. You can get a fresh ("fresh") cup on pretty much every street corner, bakery, bagel or donut shop, convenience store, Mexican restaurant. When I don't see coffee, I feel confused and uncertain about where I am.
Speaking of where you are, that's a huge factor in what kind of coffee you will get. If you are a true Brooklyn coffee snob, you will settle for nothing less than Stumptown coffee that is French Pressed. (Cold brew if you are looking for iced coffee). If you are in Manhattan, you will settle for nothing less than a cup from yesterday's pot for $4.50 as long as you don't have to walk a long block to get it.
 (True story, Stumptown coffee is the best)

I knew I was at home in this city when I walked into my first coffee shop and ordered a plain coffee and didn't get the standard "with cream and sugar?" (here's looking at you, Boston). Instead I was asked "How do you take it?" THANK YOU, NEW YORK for not confusing the word "regular" with "cream and sugar." I appreciate you.
(This mug is probably filled with chocolate milk.)

One weird little nuance about getting coffee (or really any beverage) in New York, that's not really a complaint but more of a question or curiosity, is that many establishments kindly ask if you'd like a bag with that. Yes, a bag to put your coffee in. As you leave presumably to ride the subway to your place of work. Or to stroll down the street while you daydream about Reading Rainbow Flash Mobs. AND... if you order a drink and a bagel, for example... it will ALL come in the bag, no questions asked. I find this oddly fascinating. 
(Token image of Britney Spears with what is allegedly a coffee. Because whenever I walk down the street with a coffee I wonder if the paparazzi will get me and then publish it in Star or US Weekly under the heading "Stars are real people, too.")

I will be the first to admit this isn't my best work in terms of doing images that match up with pictures that match up with words. Yes, I did just write that and no I don't plan on editing it. I'm still daydreaming, but this time it's about being a lady who lunches. (And gossips, presumably).


I am what I am.

I was obviously reading this post about superhero garden gnomes and this video about the same when I stumbled across this short stop motion video project and I liked it, so I thought I'd share.