Culinary arts.

I love to cook, but it's just another one of those hobbies that seems to have gone by the wayside since I started grad school. I am pretty good about making a soup a week so I can stockpile individual servings in the freezer for those days when I am in a bind for food and need something quick and easy. And every once and a while I have people over and will try to make deliciousness to entice them to come back again (I live out in East Bum Brooklyn so I do what I can to lure visitors to my neck of the woods). But since I can't cook all of the time, it's nice to be able to feast my eyes on some tasty looking recipes, courtesy of They Draw and Cook.

(foccacia by anita lozar)

(chickpea dip by salli swindell)

(mama's cookies by eva forget-me-not)

(chilli con carne by rheannon cummins)

(moules frites by hannah clark)

What I love about this website is that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is a searchable recipe index. Yes, this means if you are looking for a recipe for cookie dough cupcakes, you can plug in a few key words and find a beautifully illustrated recipe that you can download and print. And tack up to your bulletin board or fridge or stick in your recipe binder. With all of the digital rights / artist rights issues as of late, it's nice to see a website that has avoided all of that by creating a welcoming and fun platform for people to share recipes and art, my two loves.

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