Time to eat my words.

I'm the number 1 person for Fashion over Function (if that were a group or organization, anyway). So I surprised myself today for thinking maybe I should buy myself some proper boots. And by proper, I mean boots that are comfortable and cute. But... I've said that I hate those rubber rain boots everyone wears. I've also scoffed at Crocs more times than I can count. Yet, somehow I am thinking about buying Crocs rain boots. I know, I know, I'm the worst. 
But I really do need something that I can walk around the city in for 3 plus hours a day that can keep the water and snow out. So rain boots make sense all of a sudden. In the winter I can add cozy socks to keep my feet warm and in the spring/ fall they will be perfect as is. I can wear them with skirts, skinny jeans, leggings... the options are endless! Should I jump on this bandwagon? Next thing you know I wil be sporting feathered bangs and only wearing North Face products (not there is anything wrong with The North Face... I was just so psyched to not see so much of it around since moving to NYC). 

Rubber galoshes are kind of cute, right? Should I take the plunge and buy something practical for once? Help!

(images via weheartit)


  1. yes -- but for God's sake, not crocs. and don't get the inexpensive kind, either -- trust me, i've gone through two pair in two years. the plastic tears, and they become useless (read: wet foot and/or feet). hunters (though hideously expensive) are pretty cool, and you can even get sock-like fleece inserts to sort of convert them into winter boots. since i had to pitch my last crap pair of wellies, i'm going to have to save up and get myself a pair of hunters for the spring.

  2. I would have loved to splurge on Hunters.... but alas, my feet are too small for the 35/36 which appears to be the smallest size. I got Crocs for now because I was desperate, and will continue to shop around. I might try ordering some Tretorns online because they come in a 35.

  3. hey, i've got a pair of crocs myself...those things are mighty comfortable! great for walking a lot (though i've never tried the rain boots). tretorns are good, too. i think you have even smaller feet than kris and i...hard to find shoes that fit, isn't it?!