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I'm going to try something new and use Friday posts for all the stuff I've been reading/looking at/thinking about during the week but haven't shared yet. You know, so when you are sitting in your cube wondering what the heck you are going to do all day since everyone else in your office took a long weekend, you can follow the links and have a day's worth of reading. Or at least an hour's. I really don't know how fast you read.

Earth from Below (from Fubiz): I am a little bit obsessed with Fubiz these days. If you can understand the french, keep it in the original language because otherwise it reads like gobbledy-gook. Also, I had a recent gchat with a friend about our mutual love of caves. These photos are the cave photos I always wished I could take... but just don't have the skills or the fancy camera. More to be seen on photographer Stephen Alvarez's website and blog.

The Time Machine: This tumblr is filled with all sorts of music images, posters, paraphernalia from back when there was no internet to share it on. Thank goodness the future is here. I love looking at old stuff. 

Oh, to be young. The year's best teen reads (from NPR): I often think I am going to start re-reading classic literature but let's be honest, I'd much rather be reading teen lit. So here's my reading list... I only read the best.

Heroes nerdy girls shouldn't date (from Topless Robot, found via Geek with Curves): I am not gonna lie, after reading this I only wanted to date Batman more. 

T-shirt lifecycle (from Sleeping in My Head): I collect t-shirts like it's my job. But I need to stop (A) because I have no money and (B) because I already have way too many t-shirts. I have been thinking I will part with some of them by turning them into upcycled totes. We'll see if that happens. 

Smitten Kitchen: And yes I am referring to the entire blog. I read this like it's literature and the food photography is to die for.

Yoga (from Scott Adams' Dilbert blog): I love reading the tirades of Scott Adams. I am glad relaxing things like yoga aren't spared.

The triumph of the readers (from WSJ): I was trying to find an article that I thought I read (but must have imagined) in the WSJ and instead I found this gem from last year about how reading is still going strong. It's written by Anne Patchett, who wrote, among other novels, two that I've read: Bel Canto and Run. I have a soft spot for Bel Canto because I read it when I was studying abroad in Italy.

Krispy Bars (from Dujour): How much do I want these peanut butter and chocolate bars now and always? Someone make me them... please. Again, I know a recipe isn't really something to read. Or is it?

First Kiss Zine blog (found on White Lightning): Unfortunately you can't buy the zine (it's sold out), but I sort of love the follow up blog. It's like piecing together a puzzle or reading snippets from a diary secondhand.

Baseball leaves me cold  and Nauseating Hobbits (both from The Paris Review blog): I just love that the Paris Review has an advice column about books.

Punch Me Panda (from Good): Because everyone needs somebody to punch. Am I right? Or am I right. (For more info, read the no frills website or watch this video)

We heart robots turned me on to Marina & the Diamonds. I love this video of her singing Hollywood.

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