Have you heard of Pinterest? I hadn't. Until I read a post from Dujour about it. It's kind of like weheartit, except instead of arbitrarily tagging and hearting individual images, it encourages you to make a collection (and "pin" it to a virtual board) based on a particular theme. That's my cup of tea. 

Unfortunately, it's still in beta, so it's invite only until it goes into whatever happens after beta. I am on the waiting list. Anyone, however, is welcome to peruse the collections others have curated so far. I found a fashion pinboard by leah dent who pinned this pink dress. 
(originally from e tells tales)

I love this sooooooooo much. It's impossible for me to resist pale pink and ruffles. I want to make one for myself and wear it every day, even if it is not the least bit practical for a NYC winter. You guessed it, I am currently swooning.

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