Hollywood infected your brain; you wanted kissing in the rain.

Next week I am probably going to have to post some sort of Valentine's day themed Etsy Wednesday.* I am not going to resist because I love love love heart-themed products. I also like stars and unicorns, so sue me. 

That said, I am always single on Valentine's day. I have never been one to hide out in my bedroom wearing all black, drinking vodka, and crying my eyes out while sing-shouting Chaka Khan, but it's hard to get all pumped up about a holiday that revolves around people who are happily in love when you are not. So for the people out there who are like me... who plan to wear "I'm with Cupid" T-shirts and watch Groundhog's Day (because it is a February themed movie?) this February 14... here's to you, my friends. It will happen for us, one day. And until then we still have our good looks (am I right or am I right?) and our snarky senses of humor.

*So you have time to purchase whatever amazing heart-shaped items I find.

Let's all be honest. No one actually likes the taste of conversation hearts. They are stale necco wafers in a heart shape. But they are just so cute. And now they are awesome in charm bracelet form.

I tend to veer towards the side of dramatic when it comes to matters of love (or lack thereof). So obviously this heart and saw charm necklace appeals to me. 

These "anti-valentine's day cards for people who like things gloomy" made me cry a little on the inside while laughing about how that was the best description EVER for anti-valentine's day cards. I love gloom. Gray is my favorite color. Sometimes.

I know what I am wearing on Valentine's day (see above above). But do you? I think this "Going Stag" t-shirt is a keeper.

What I love about this is that it is not a vampire. It's a bat. Which makes it all the less cliché and even more amazing. Will someone send me this card? Puh-lease?

Bleeding hearts are one thing. Gray, bleeding, hearts are another. I like the seller's suggestion to "put it in an envelope and send it to the one who shot a bloody arrow through your heart." Or you could just use it in your anti-v-day-party decor. Your call.

If I am as awesome as everyone says I am, then this MUST be true.

Honestly, this makes my heart ache, it's so pretty. I have a thing for sterling silver hearts, even if they are a little busted.

To my friends... please resist sending me one of these. I already have two (two!) grow-your-own-boyfriend kits. Adding one of these to the collection would be embarrassing.

And this one isn't really in the anti-Valentine's day theme, because I think it's really sweet in a gory, zombie-fabulous kind of way. And yes, if I had a boyfriend, I'd send him this card. And hopefully if he knew me well at all he'd get me this necklace. Or if not jewelry, I will take tulips (even though they are not in season). Or if it must be chocolate, let them be cupcakes. See, I am not picky..?

And yes... this is the second week in a row where the Etsy Wednesday showed up on a Thursday. Oy. Soon we will have to call it the "Etsy When-ever we get around to it" post. Sorry... :(


  1. awesome. truly. i want all these things.

  2. i keep coming back to this post. i really want that t-shirt. it's just so awesome.

  3. i guess it's better for me to post late than never! i love that tshirt. love it. obviously.

  4. I really appreciate having my Anti-valentines day bracelet featured on your blog! I love the other items too (especially that boyfriend in a bottle).

  5. Very cool! So happy to be included here. Thank you ;)