EW: Circus, Circus!

I never would have thought I'd be interested in circuses until I read Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen and within pages was smitten. The movie that is set to come out in April looks visually stunning and I can't wait. 


Circuses to me bring to mind elephants, sparkly costumes, bow ties, big striped tents, and posters glued to walls. This week's Etsy picks are meant to inspire the magic and whimsy of circus festivities.

This print is exactly what I would expect from a circus welcome poster. I love the vintage typeface and design. This is for you if you feel like your life is a circus. Or if you own a circus and need signage.

You can't have a circus without a tent. This is a clever piece of jewelry. You can wear it around your neck or use it as wall decor, or both, whatever suits your fancy! I love the simple silhouette of the three tents and the red ribbon that pulls it all together. 

I love menswear. Especially fancy suits and tuxes. So when I stumbled upon this tuxedo dress I swooned. It's the girly version of what a circus ring master might wear, don't you think?
Is anyone else obsessed with bunting these days? I love the fabric penant bunting I've been seeing around all over Etsy lately, but I think this vintage playing card version is a sweet twist.
 (card bunting by fabricatedesign)

The best part of the spectacle of the circus are the costumes. I love this tightrope walker inspired headband. The pastel blues, creams, and the decorative broche in the middle makes for the perfect topper. Slightly over the top, but I wouldn't be against wearing this while out running errands.
(headband by cultivar)

And speaking of tightrope walkers... check out this necklace!
(silver necklace by markhed)

I really really really *heart* this mixed media collage. It's so pretty and fanciful. This is what my daydreams look like.
(mixed media by afancifultwist)

It's impossible to do a circus collection without an elephant. Somehow, they always end up the star of the show. Or at least, the elephant is the only thing I have stored in my childhood memories of the circus.  I love this button ring with the elephant who hopes to fly away with her balloon.
(ring by schoolgirlcrush)

Since I think I'd look silly wearing a bow tie around my neck, this bracelet is the perfect, glittery compromise.
(bracelet by bejeweledbynikki)

Let's have some fun with this ringmaster prop kit. I don't know about you, but I can never resist silly glasses and a monocle and top hat combo is even better. Plus check out all of the amazing moustaches! I want them all.

More circus themed picks in the treasury!

P.S. This wasn't up on Wednesday because of some blogger technical issues... but I time traveled to make it look like it was. Hopefully I fooled you.

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  1. beautiful post, I love the old timey circus aesthetic (as is obvious from my shop!)

    Thank you!