Dream on dream home.

My first weekend in New York I was supposed to go check out the Celeste Prize 2010 finalist show at  The Invisible Dog. I was really excited about it, because one of the finalists is my cousin Diane's neighbor (ahem, neighbour), Bella Easton. Did I go? Nope. Because, again, I am the worst. I forgot about it. And then it was too late. And it was seriously too bad, because the collection of artwork that was on display looks amazing online which can only mean it would have been even more amazing in person. (Sigh).

I've been wanting to do a full write up on Bella Easton since, but instead, I am just going to leave you with some images of her work. It's gorgeous and interesting and I find it truly unique for types of art (paintings, drawings, etchings) that often get overlooked by some of the more exciting and new techniques out there. 

Learn more about the artist and her art here.

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