And the world spins madly on.

Over winter break (a break from what I am not quite sure) I had the chance to read The Power of Un by Nancy Echtemendy. My mom's 4th graders had gone completely gaga over it, so she knew she had to share it with me. I read it in about 45 minutes while sitting at the kitchen table.

It's about a young boy who accidentally sets a series of unfortunate events into motion but then is given the chance to fix it by using a jury-rigged device called the unner. You have to put yourself into the mind of a 9 year old to fully appreciate the story that unfolds, but it really gets to the core of a life lesson most people never learn: that all actions have consequences. With that, a huge question is brought to light- if you had the power to change the past, would you? And more importantly, should you? Although the story does get resolved, these questions linger beyond the last page, which I liked, especially considering this is a children's book. It didn't wrap everything up into a neat, little, black and white package like another, lesser, book might have.

I never turn down a quick read for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a snowy Wednesday, but for the rest of you who may not want to read this independently, it could be the perfect bedtime read aloud for the 8-10 year old in your life.  

In other loosely related news (if we are calling 'news' things I just found out about recently), The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince if you are a snob like me and love the french version best) has been made into a graphic novel

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