And on her day off, she always carried a camera.

I saw an article on Good today about Vivian Maier (1926- 2009), a recently discovered street photographer/ nanny from the Chicago area. Her photographs were discovered by John Maloof, a real estate agent working on a book who thought they might help with his research when he purchased them at an auction. It turned out he had managed to collect almost all of her previously unseen printed photos, negatives, and undeveloped rolls of film from a span of 40 years (1950-1990). Now he is sharing the photos with the world through this blog as well as an upcoming documentary and book

It amazes me that this is the first we are seeing of Vivian Maier, as her photography is beyond extraordinary. The rest of the post includes the images that struck me as being exceptionally exceptional. If you live or will be in Chicago anytime soon, there is an exhibition of her work at the Chicago Cultural Center running from January 8 through April 3.

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