All you need is love.

For those of you who are into that sort of thing, Valentine's day is just around the corner. And by just around the corner, I mean a few weeks away. But according to stores and restaurants, it may as well be tomorrow, so I figured I should get with the program.

I think I mentioned that I love heart-shaped and/or love-inspired things. I really really do. So even though this holiday doesn't affect me this year (unless my secret-admirer wants to finally admit his feelings for me), I'm sharing the cutesy, love-themed items I am not-so-secretly coveting. (I went easy on the hearts, are you proud?)

I love words on necklaces. I have a friend who loves birds... and now I think I love birds. This sterling silver necklace is just so incredibly sweet... it's a lovebird.

How can you resist robot-love? I know I can't.

Love is the universal language. It's kind of like math in that way. It holds no bounds, has no barriers. Or at least that's what they say.

On that same note, love is blind.

I have a thing for word magnets. They never quite stay on the fridge and I am always missing key words or letters to make actual "poetry" but I still love the effect. This photo captures that into the simplest little love story.

Remember in elementary school how we used to make mailboxes out of paper plates and deliver Valentine's day cards to everyone in the class? The cards themselves were printed on perforated sheets of shiny cardstock and based on the latest cartoon craze. Whatever happened to Valentine's day being about just spreading the love, even if only to your friends? I want to go back to those days. These two card sets are a little bit more sophisticated that the Scooby Doo ones you might find in CVS/Duane Reade.

Oh, to be a forest creature and to be in love. 

I've featured stamped jewelry by this seller before, but I find myself constantly drawn to her shop. Having initials stamped into a bracelet is way better than carving it into a tree, because you can carry it with you always.

I want both of these to frame and hang on my wall.

I had to include something soft and cuddly in this post, because it wouldn't be Valentine themed without some sort of stuffed friend. Obviously, I put "love monkey" into the search field and came up with this little fellow. 

Last but not least... Harry Potter love. Seriously, someone please buy this card. It's awesome.

In other news, these are my alternative plans on Valentine's day if my secret admirer doesn't show up with tulips, chocolate cupcakes, and any of the above presents. Thanks for the heads up, Kriz. 

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  1. oh my goodness. i have a date with WATSON too! let's live blog this thing. fo shiz.