Send me a postcard.

I've always been particularly drawn into objects that have interesting textures (even if just for looking at). I think these postcards by Shaun Kardinal (found on Anthology) are so neat. They are made from vintage postcards (which I love anyway... if you are ever near a flea market/ yard sale and you see a bin of old postcards, buy me some!) and embroidery thread. I love the representation of the 3D glasses embroidered onto the first image below.

All you need is love.

For those of you who are into that sort of thing, Valentine's day is just around the corner. And by just around the corner, I mean a few weeks away. But according to stores and restaurants, it may as well be tomorrow, so I figured I should get with the program.

I think I mentioned that I love heart-shaped and/or love-inspired things. I really really do. So even though this holiday doesn't affect me this year (unless my secret-admirer wants to finally admit his feelings for me), I'm sharing the cutesy, love-themed items I am not-so-secretly coveting. (I went easy on the hearts, are you proud?)

I love words on necklaces. I have a friend who loves birds... and now I think I love birds. This sterling silver necklace is just so incredibly sweet... it's a lovebird.

How can you resist robot-love? I know I can't.

Love is the universal language. It's kind of like math in that way. It holds no bounds, has no barriers. Or at least that's what they say.

On that same note, love is blind.

I have a thing for word magnets. They never quite stay on the fridge and I am always missing key words or letters to make actual "poetry" but I still love the effect. This photo captures that into the simplest little love story.

Remember in elementary school how we used to make mailboxes out of paper plates and deliver Valentine's day cards to everyone in the class? The cards themselves were printed on perforated sheets of shiny cardstock and based on the latest cartoon craze. Whatever happened to Valentine's day being about just spreading the love, even if only to your friends? I want to go back to those days. These two card sets are a little bit more sophisticated that the Scooby Doo ones you might find in CVS/Duane Reade.

Oh, to be a forest creature and to be in love. 

I've featured stamped jewelry by this seller before, but I find myself constantly drawn to her shop. Having initials stamped into a bracelet is way better than carving it into a tree, because you can carry it with you always.

I want both of these to frame and hang on my wall.

I had to include something soft and cuddly in this post, because it wouldn't be Valentine themed without some sort of stuffed friend. Obviously, I put "love monkey" into the search field and came up with this little fellow. 

Last but not least... Harry Potter love. Seriously, someone please buy this card. It's awesome.

In other news, these are my alternative plans on Valentine's day if my secret admirer doesn't show up with tulips, chocolate cupcakes, and any of the above presents. Thanks for the heads up, Kriz. 


Have you heard of Pinterest? I hadn't. Until I read a post from Dujour about it. It's kind of like weheartit, except instead of arbitrarily tagging and hearting individual images, it encourages you to make a collection (and "pin" it to a virtual board) based on a particular theme. That's my cup of tea. 

Unfortunately, it's still in beta, so it's invite only until it goes into whatever happens after beta. I am on the waiting list. Anyone, however, is welcome to peruse the collections others have curated so far. I found a fashion pinboard by leah dent who pinned this pink dress. 
(originally from e tells tales)

I love this sooooooooo much. It's impossible for me to resist pale pink and ruffles. I want to make one for myself and wear it every day, even if it is not the least bit practical for a NYC winter. You guessed it, I am currently swooning.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

This weekend I transformed myself into a teenager and read the entire Hunger Games trilogy. That's right, not that long ago I was reading a book meant for 4th graders and now this. I am a disgrace to adulthood. 
But obviously you know what I am going to say... I loved these books. I purposely didn't read any reviews or critiques of any of them until I was done because I wanted to form my own opinions. Since it is Young Adult literature, there has been a lot of comparison to the Twilight series. I see where these people are coming from, but even if you'd never in a million years pick up Twilight, you should still read the Hunger Games.

It's almost impossible for me to summarize because honestly, my head is still spinning from all that happened, so here is an expert from the publisher's blurb about the first book:
"In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. Each year, the districts are forced by the Capitol to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the Hunger Games, a brutal and terrifying fight to the death – televised for all of Panem to see."

The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, ends up as a her territory's female "tribute" in the Hunger Games when her sister's name is called at the selection (in the book, it's called the "reaping" which instills every bit of fear in you that it should) and she volunteers to take her place. 

Katniss is then sent off to the Hunger Games with Peeta, a classmate, who once bestowed an act of kindness upon her when she was just a little girl. Since there can only be one victor, she knows that if she were to survive, it would mean that Peeta would have to die. Meanwhile, Katniss leaves behind her best friend and hunting-mate, Gale.... Enter, the love triangle.

Sure, you can make Team Gale and Team Peeta t-shirts if you want, but there is so much more to the story than just some sappy romance between teenagers. As these three books unfold, the reader struggles along with Katniss as she is forced to make choices while in the arena of the Hunger Games and during their aftermath (all while being in the public eye). Although a good amount of the book is made of action and gore, there are an equal number of emotionally charged scenes. The reader sees everything through the eyes of Katniss, so we are inside a 16-year old girl's head. A girl who quickly becomes a symbol for something far greater than herself and is forced to come to terms with it.

While reading, I went through every emotion possible (yes, there were tears. Do you know me at all?). No, I won't say that this is fine literature, but it's more than just simple minded entertainment. It's thought provoking, and at times feels eerily realistic. It gets you thinking about what you would do if in the same situation as these characters? As long as you keep in mind the intended audience, I have no doubt you will enjoy these books as much as I did. 

Hollywood infected your brain; you wanted kissing in the rain.

Next week I am probably going to have to post some sort of Valentine's day themed Etsy Wednesday.* I am not going to resist because I love love love heart-themed products. I also like stars and unicorns, so sue me. 

That said, I am always single on Valentine's day. I have never been one to hide out in my bedroom wearing all black, drinking vodka, and crying my eyes out while sing-shouting Chaka Khan, but it's hard to get all pumped up about a holiday that revolves around people who are happily in love when you are not. So for the people out there who are like me... who plan to wear "I'm with Cupid" T-shirts and watch Groundhog's Day (because it is a February themed movie?) this February 14... here's to you, my friends. It will happen for us, one day. And until then we still have our good looks (am I right or am I right?) and our snarky senses of humor.

*So you have time to purchase whatever amazing heart-shaped items I find.

Let's all be honest. No one actually likes the taste of conversation hearts. They are stale necco wafers in a heart shape. But they are just so cute. And now they are awesome in charm bracelet form.

I tend to veer towards the side of dramatic when it comes to matters of love (or lack thereof). So obviously this heart and saw charm necklace appeals to me. 

These "anti-valentine's day cards for people who like things gloomy" made me cry a little on the inside while laughing about how that was the best description EVER for anti-valentine's day cards. I love gloom. Gray is my favorite color. Sometimes.

I know what I am wearing on Valentine's day (see above above). But do you? I think this "Going Stag" t-shirt is a keeper.

What I love about this is that it is not a vampire. It's a bat. Which makes it all the less cliché and even more amazing. Will someone send me this card? Puh-lease?

Bleeding hearts are one thing. Gray, bleeding, hearts are another. I like the seller's suggestion to "put it in an envelope and send it to the one who shot a bloody arrow through your heart." Or you could just use it in your anti-v-day-party decor. Your call.

If I am as awesome as everyone says I am, then this MUST be true.

Honestly, this makes my heart ache, it's so pretty. I have a thing for sterling silver hearts, even if they are a little busted.

To my friends... please resist sending me one of these. I already have two (two!) grow-your-own-boyfriend kits. Adding one of these to the collection would be embarrassing.

And this one isn't really in the anti-Valentine's day theme, because I think it's really sweet in a gory, zombie-fabulous kind of way. And yes, if I had a boyfriend, I'd send him this card. And hopefully if he knew me well at all he'd get me this necklace. Or if not jewelry, I will take tulips (even though they are not in season). Or if it must be chocolate, let them be cupcakes. See, I am not picky..?

And yes... this is the second week in a row where the Etsy Wednesday showed up on a Thursday. Oy. Soon we will have to call it the "Etsy When-ever we get around to it" post. Sorry... :(


I finally had the chance to check out the Charles LeDray exhibit at the Whitney. I had been wanting to see it since I first heard about it (and tweeted about it). I will admit, the skeptic in me wasn't sure I'd like it. Generally speaking... I love miniature things. They make me feel like a giant which almost never happens. But I was still worried. Would it go completely over my head? Would I feel like I was looking at a mish-mosh collection of doll's clothing and dollhouse furniture? In the end, I loved it. It was such a cool exhibit and, unfortunately, the images below do not do it justice.

Part of the appeal is that he uses recognizable things and adds a twist. A simple men's jacket, shirt, and tie, painstakingly handcrafted (LeDray sews everything himself), and then deconstructed into work of art.  I also loved how at first glance they seem fairly straightforward, but upon closer examination there were all these tiny little details that add a touch of humor (albeit a slightly dark humor) to each work.

This work particularly struck me. We live in a world where we put so much pressure on our clothing. What you wear is often who you are perceived to be. LeDray takes those articles of "somebody-ness" and strips them of their somebodies. I find it hauntingly beautiful how these empty shirts all cling to each other.

When he's not sewing small articles of clothing, LeDray carves objects out of bones. Sometimes human bones (not pictured). That gives me the shivers... but at the same time, I think it's awesome. I wouldn't be against donating my bones to art. Is there a way to add that thought to the organ donor symbol on my license?

This is a party bed (because it's covered in coats. Who started that trend anyway? The coat closet isn't big enough... just throw it on the bed.. question mark?) but it looks like my bed right now. I would take a picture but I am too embarrassed. Another time.
Normally I am not super impressed with Boston Globe articles (sorrrry, Boston).... but if you want to read a comprehensive and insightful write-up of this exhibition (from when it was at the ICA Boston), check it out here

This and that. (A weekly reader)

I'm going to try something new and use Friday posts for all the stuff I've been reading/looking at/thinking about during the week but haven't shared yet. You know, so when you are sitting in your cube wondering what the heck you are going to do all day since everyone else in your office took a long weekend, you can follow the links and have a day's worth of reading. Or at least an hour's. I really don't know how fast you read.

Earth from Below (from Fubiz): I am a little bit obsessed with Fubiz these days. If you can understand the french, keep it in the original language because otherwise it reads like gobbledy-gook. Also, I had a recent gchat with a friend about our mutual love of caves. These photos are the cave photos I always wished I could take... but just don't have the skills or the fancy camera. More to be seen on photographer Stephen Alvarez's website and blog.

The Time Machine: This tumblr is filled with all sorts of music images, posters, paraphernalia from back when there was no internet to share it on. Thank goodness the future is here. I love looking at old stuff. 

Oh, to be young. The year's best teen reads (from NPR): I often think I am going to start re-reading classic literature but let's be honest, I'd much rather be reading teen lit. So here's my reading list... I only read the best.

Heroes nerdy girls shouldn't date (from Topless Robot, found via Geek with Curves): I am not gonna lie, after reading this I only wanted to date Batman more. 

T-shirt lifecycle (from Sleeping in My Head): I collect t-shirts like it's my job. But I need to stop (A) because I have no money and (B) because I already have way too many t-shirts. I have been thinking I will part with some of them by turning them into upcycled totes. We'll see if that happens. 

Smitten Kitchen: And yes I am referring to the entire blog. I read this like it's literature and the food photography is to die for.

Yoga (from Scott Adams' Dilbert blog): I love reading the tirades of Scott Adams. I am glad relaxing things like yoga aren't spared.

The triumph of the readers (from WSJ): I was trying to find an article that I thought I read (but must have imagined) in the WSJ and instead I found this gem from last year about how reading is still going strong. It's written by Anne Patchett, who wrote, among other novels, two that I've read: Bel Canto and Run. I have a soft spot for Bel Canto because I read it when I was studying abroad in Italy.

Krispy Bars (from Dujour): How much do I want these peanut butter and chocolate bars now and always? Someone make me them... please. Again, I know a recipe isn't really something to read. Or is it?

First Kiss Zine blog (found on White Lightning): Unfortunately you can't buy the zine (it's sold out), but I sort of love the follow up blog. It's like piecing together a puzzle or reading snippets from a diary secondhand.

Baseball leaves me cold  and Nauseating Hobbits (both from The Paris Review blog): I just love that the Paris Review has an advice column about books.

Punch Me Panda (from Good): Because everyone needs somebody to punch. Am I right? Or am I right. (For more info, read the no frills website or watch this video)

We heart robots turned me on to Marina & the Diamonds. I love this video of her singing Hollywood.

EW: Organize.

I love the idea of organizing things. Virtually, I've got a system down pat. I can take information and store it in a way that is accessible like no other. Which is probably why one of my degrees is going to be in library science. But when it comes to organizing actual physical objects... I suck. I am sitting in my bedroom which is about the size of a postage stamp, and my bed is like a lifeboat in a sea of disorganization. (And a sinking ship no less, I wake up snuggling with my hair brush and computer cords tickling my ears.)

I'd love it if everything could be squared away in elfa storage bins, stacked against walls or hidden in closets. But it's never that easy. (A) That type of organization isn't my aesthetic. (B) My things just don't fit in those types of systems. It's like when you are packing in boxes that are large, medium, and pequena, and you have all sorts of good intentions of putting all of the kitchen stuff together and all of the bedroom stuff together.... but it never works. Pillows end up with knife sets, plates end up with picture frames. 

After spending some quality time in the Container Store and purchasing a closet hanging shelf thingy and some hooks that look like elephants, I thought to myself that there had to be a better way of getting my life in order. And there is. Because only on Etsy can you enter "moustache jewelry hanger" and get a result (see below). 

If I am ever going to be organized, it's going to be with items like the ones in this week's wishlist.

I might be the only one, but I love filing. You might wonder what it is you need to file these days since everything is online, but I am sure you can find a use for this filebox. Pictures, recipes, take out menus, love letters, birthday cards. 

I have tons of odds and ends in the forms of buttons, beads, sequins, paperclips, pins, googly eyes, rubber bands, spools of threads, m&ms, robot parts, and coins. These jars with magnetic lids make so much sense to organize all that stuff to stick to an underside of a desk or side of a file cabinet. Or, use them for their original intention, spices that stick to the fridge. Love.

I don't know about you, but I have so much stuff I need to carry around with me. Phone, iPod (yes, I still use my iPod even though I have an iPhone), spare hair pins, subway passes, money, ID, credit cards. A simple wallet just will not do. I must have a nerd herder. 

You may not know it to look at me, but I have a lot of jewelry. Yes, I wear the same star earrings every day, the same star and heart and star necklace, but I have options for when I am in the mood to switch it up. I do. I love these three ways to store jewelry, because they are like little works of art. Which means you can decorate and store stuff, two birds... one stone.

My niece has so many coloring things. Crayons are always flying everywhere. Markers leak and stain my sweater. I would love to be able to contain all of that in one little packet for her. The perfection of this might only last an instant, but that instant would be priceless.

Am I the only one who tries to hang white boards only to have them fall down again and again? I love this vinyl decal option. Looks like it could be on the cover of Real Simple.

I love coffee tables, but usually they just get in the way of my path to the kitchen. Unless it has storage. Like this one. Super rustic, but that's part of its charm.

I have a love hate relationship with mail. Love cards, hate bills. I hate bills and bill-related pieces of mail so much that I hoard them, unopened, in piles. How much easier would my life be if I had these clothespins?

I've had a garden gnome (a mini one) lost in the depths of my purse for months at a time. I wish I was kidding. I think these bag inserts I've been seeing around are a pretty neat idea to keeping bags organized. Plus, if you are one of those people who changes your purse every time you change your shoes... just lift out the insert and place it in the newest one. Done. And done.

Square magnet boards are lame. Cork boards are only cool if they are made from wine corks. I love this vintage frame turned magnet board. It will secretly keep all those loose notes organized while also looking pretty.