The windows were of pure sugar.

I used to work for a company that had holiday parties on Thursdays. This meant that the Friday after you were a sorry hungover mess trying to make outbound calls to clients. One such Friday, a few of my co-workers and I all stumbled home for an impromptu gingerbread house making party. We used graham crackers (microwave each piece for a few seconds to make it easier to cut into shapes), regular frosting, and lots and lots of candy (my favorites were the multi-colored mini marshmallows and necco wafers). The results were... interesting to say the least. 

I've been poking around the web for a little bit of inspiration, as I think it might be fun to do a gingerbread house project this year. Maybe with real gingerbread pieces (let's be honest, I will probably stick with graham crackers). Feast your eyes on these little gingerbread nuggets.

Start simple by making some cute gingerbread men. I love how these are decorated (thanks, Martha) with icing and sugar. Check out the tie. I love ties.

If you want to keep it two dimensional but like the idea of a city or townscape, go this route. Take multiple house facades and decorate them all differently with piped on frosting. This would be the perfect backdrop to a dessert table. 
(found on Martha)

After I made my gingerbread house that one year, we left it out as a centerpiece for a holiday brunch at the apartment. I can't even tell you how many asked if we could eat it (and someone, I am not naming names, might have taken a bite out of it). By that point all the frosting had gotten crusty and my marshmallow roof had gone stale. If you want to make gingerbread houses for actual consumption... think small. Pint-sized gingerbread houses look lovely served in cupcake wrappers.
(found on weheartit)

And these sweet treasures might be my favorite gingerbread find today! I love how these little houses are made to garnish coffee mugs. They look both cute and delicious.

If you prefer a decorating style that is a bit more realistic than the norm of fairy tale gingerbread houses that abound, check out this more modern single level family home made of the good stuff.
(found on inhabitat)

Or this mod-style house. I can't help but wonder what Unhappy Hipsters would say about this architectural structure.
(found on ohdeedoh)

I love the above, but if I am going to make something, it's going to be tall and romantic, with oversized creatures guarding its doors. Swoon.
(found on hellotiger via weheartit)

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