Time is priceless, but it's free. You can't own it. You can use it, you can spend it. You can't keep it.

I've started to write this post a few times and the problem is that words cannot fully express how I am feeling about the passage of time these days. First, there is the complete and utter shock that somehow in a few short days it will be 2011. And then the knot that has been sitting in the pit of my stomach grows a little as I think about how much I've squandered this past year. Somehow, 2010 just slipped through my fingers despite the fact that originally it held so much promise.

One thing that is getting me through the ticking time bomb that feels like my life is that I am finally starting to pursue the things I've been postponing for all of these years while I waited for the right moment. You've heard this once, you'll hear it again, and a million times more, but the truth is that there isn't a right moment for anything. Things just happen and we are forced to move forward. Time doesn't stop and wait for us to be ready. 

Normally, my friend LJ gives out advice for the year, but this year, here is mine for 2011. 
(by Hanna Viktorsson found on Pine)

And if you need to keep track of the hours, the minutes, the seconds, so you don't wake up on December 31, 2011 shocked and appalled you are on the cusp of 2012, this week's Etsy picks may help.

I'm terrible when it comes to using alarm clocks. I pretty much rely on my iPhone and this talking battery operated Apple (it shouts the time at me because I am essentially blind in the morning). Every year I ask for this alarm clock by L.L. Bean because I think it might be nice to wake up to artificial sunlight. But after seeing this retro number... I might have changed my mind. I don't know if anyone has seen I am Reed Fish, but I think he has this on his nightstand. And I want it.

It turns out I am really picky when it comes to picking out clocks. It all comes down to the hands, I think. I hate those weird curvy ones that look like something out of a Matisse painting. This honeycomb clock fits the bill for what I'd like to look at on a regular basis. The white lattice work can fit into any color scheme. Granted, I'd have no idea what time it actually was... but who cares? I wear a watch that is a color wheel and somehow it all works out.

Speaking of items that won't help you actually tell time... I love this sewn felt calculator watch bracelet. I pretty much wanted to be Penny from Inspector Gadget and she had that awesome computer watch that helped her communicate with Brain as together they solved all of the world's problems. This reminds me of that. 

As soon as I was old enough to be in charge of my own library books, I am positive I never returned a single one on time. I used to sneak overdue books into the library after hours chute and cross my fingers that they never recorded the late fees (they always did). In college, we had a nifty option of paying overdue fines with canned goods around the holidays. I am pretty sure I was the only one who took advantage. This print is a reminder of how easily time can slip away. Don't let your life become past due this year.

Ooh, I love woodland creatures (when they are captured in images or sculptures and tacked to my walls, not eating, living, and breathing while scurrying about inside my walls). This clock is charmingly cute. I love the cut out forest creatures and how the numbers are tucked into the design so as not to overwhelm.

I am not sure about this steampunk trend right now, but I happen to like this necklace watch that puts itself in that category. Especially because it is to keep track of the days of the week, which would be incredibly useful in my life. I can never seem to tell apart my Tuesdays from my Wednesdays.

I tend to buy couches and armchairs in solid colors so I can spruce them up with interesting printed pillows. I particularly like the black and white clock pattern on these.

Normally clocks are limited to circles, sometimes squares. What's cool about this one is that it is a long rectangle AND the numbers aren't the ones most typically highlight. Plus, you know how yellow makes me feel all sunshiney inside.

In my search for time themed products, I stumbled across this time wasting project. I can only imagine what my life would look like if I chronicled it in such a specific fashion. Scary to think about because it would probably include a lot of units like these two.

Should I add this to my bicycle collection?

I could not, for the life of me, find any wristwatches I particularly liked today. So here's another necklace watch. Which might be my new favorite way to wear a watch anyway. I love the collection of charms on this one. It is both fashionable and functional.

I found quite a bit more of time-related items... but I can't share them all here so I will post a treasury soon! (maybe)


  1. this is a good post. i like it a lot. love you more.

  2. thanks!! you actually inspired it when you made the guess that the teacup post would be about clocks. so THANK YOU. for being you.

  3. wow.. this is a great blog! i like it very much and i'm very impressed with the pics, they look so professional here hehe : ) so inspiring that i think i'm about to make a treasury about it, let you know when i have it done! thank you very much for including our clock! love from beijing, nuria and damon from Thebig8s.

  4. A lovely round up here - thanks a bunch for including my pocket watch necklace! :) xo, danni