People who love ideas must have a love of words, and that means, given a chance, they take a vivid interest in the clothes which words wear.

Is anyone else obsessed with typography? I love finding different fonts to play around with although I never seem to use anything but Times New Roman and Arial (snooze fest). I was thinking it might be time to gussy up my resume (ha ha) and other important documents with some neat new fonts. What I never knew is that there are huge resources out there to download new ones for free. I love Little Trouble Girl designed by Blue Vinyl fonts. You can find this and more on Font Squirrel.

(website and others discovered via font posts in How About Orange)
(post title is a quote by Beatrice Ward)

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  1. i am a MAJOR font snob. it took me literally hours to decide which font to use for my shop's banner! i like for free fonts, too.