I've never been in a floating house before.

I love video montages. When I was traveling in Costa Rica, we ended up on this amazing public bus that showed about 4 hours worth of clips from 80's & 90's music videos. I never thought anything could equal that (it was pretty amazing), until I saw a vimeo montage of Pixar film clips by Leandro Copperfield on Fubiz. For some reason, it got taken down soon after it was posted due to copyright issues? who knows. (You can still see some of the film stills here. UPDATE: I found the video on youtube and included it at the end of this post after the jump).

There were a lot of amazing films featured in the video, but my favorite clips were the ones that showed the balloons from Up. Thinking about that movie makes me feel happy and sad in the best possible way.
Honestly, I can't think of anything better than floating off to a distant land via an enormous bunch of helium balloons. Can you? Can you tell I am procrastinating thinking about and sharing my New Year's Resolutions?

(I actually would never stand like the girl above. It looks pretty, but I have a very specific fear of helium balloons popping in my face, inhaling the pieces, and then choking to death. Irrational? Maybe. Could it happen. YES.)

A hundred million swoons for all of the above.

(images found on weheartit.)

UPDATE: Found the video on youtube!

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