I'm going to give you all my heart can give.

If you are like me and are in the process of getting worked up into a frenzy over the lack of time, money, etc, left this holiday season, here is a friendly little reminder:
(photo from thimbly things  via weheartit and you can buy it here!)

I've been meaning to add DIY posts into the docket for a while now, somehow I just haven't gotten around to it. Kind of like how I haven't gotten around to making those DIY Christmas presents I thought up months ago. And those two ideas converge into one massive DIY post about making some last minute Christmas presents. (Because if you can't go big, go home. Or something.)

I've scoured the web for some projects that are fairly easy, won't take up too much time to complete, and use materials that you can find around the home (if you are a pack-rat like me and never throw anything away) or at least are easy enough (and inexpensive enough) to buy from a craft store/office supply store/ fabric store/ Target/ Walmart/CVS, so you can still avoid the mall and all of those holiday shopping zombies out there.

Projects that involve cutting, gluing, rolling, and/or very minimal hand-sewing:
(1). Fabric covered journals from Between the Lines. These instructions call for some fancy fabric fusible stuff. Check out This to That for more gluing ideas. (2). Felt (or paper) ornaments from How About Orange. I love using ornaments as gift toppers. Just saying. (3). Glass magnets from Not Martha. My go to gift for anyone who has a refrigerator. (4). Recycled roses wreath from Alisa Burke. Love this wreath.You can also use this rose technique to make some cute headbands. (5). Another paper doodad from How About Orange. Think about all of the cool materials you could make these in! Newspaper, magazines, your credit card bill. (6). Fabric covered beads from Twirling Betty. Make these for your best friend.  (7). Calendar journal from Design*Sponge, via Pine. This is essentially a journal that you add to every year. I'd also include some paper clips in case the givee wants to add photos and ticket stubs to each day as the years go on.

Simple sewing projects (sewing machine needed):

(1). Punch out coasters by Mackenzie Sasser found on This is not my work. Simple and chic, perfect for that friend you forgot to give a housewarming gift to and she's been living there for a year now. (2). Coin pouch by Tiffany Harvey. I promise I wouldn't make you sew a zipper if even I didn't think this project was easy. (3). Snack placemats from JCHandmade. Perfect for the new-ish mom in your life. (4). iPod pouch from Made by Petchy. Also, I love the headbands made from old T-shirts also on this site, so check that out, too. (5). Shirt cuff wallet from Replayground. I am in love with this wallet and wish I had a boyfriend so I could make one for him. (6). Mug Cosy from Hazelnut Girl. These instructions show you how to customize a cosy for your mug. Imagine the personalization options here. (7). Fabric bookmarks from Anna Maria Horner. So easy to make for the booklover in your life.

Projects that require mixing, jars, labels, and/or a printer:
(1). Granola and honey from Design*Sponge. For the person who always skips breakfast or someone else who likes to hike. (2). Holiday cookies in a jar from FamilyFun. There are people who might think these are played out, but I think they are perfect for your next gift swap or grab bag. (3). Printable Weekly Menu from Ollibird. Frame this and give it to the organized menu planner in your life. S/he will then be able to reuse it week after week. (4). Rose body lotion from Design*Sponge. Make a huge batch of this lotion and package it up in pretty jars and sweet ribbons for all of the ladies in your life. (5). Curried Lentil Soup in a Jar from Food Network. I thought this was a cool looking jar so I had to share. Give to a foodie. (6). Printable cocktail labels and recipes from Hi Friend Designs . My theory is, when you don't know what to give, alcohol is the answer. Perfect if you are going to holiday parties and want to bring the hostess a gift. (7). Oreo truffles from Bakerella. Another sweet treat. Think about packaging up in an origami gift box (both found on How About Orange which is basically one of my new favorite designy/DIY websites). (8). There are tons of printable cards online. If you get good quality cardstock, you can print a bunch of designs out and make a nice mix for a friend who likes to catch up on correspondance the old fashioned way. You can even make your own envelopes to go with them. (9). and (10). two more printables found on How About Orange, bookplates and recipe cards. For the recipe cards, enter your favorite recipes in and you will get custom recipe cards out.

Last but not least... Gift wrapping ideas! 
(1). Snowflake decoration, tutorial from How About Orange. I love making cut out snowflakes and they'd be an easy way to add something extra to your gifts this year. (2). Funny story, I started to feel guilty that I had used too many things from How About Orange in this post. I wanted to know how to make those gift bows you can buy in the store, so I googled, "How to make gift bow" and came up with that lovely image from a blog, Sumo Sweet Stuff ... guess what it linked to? This tutorial from How about Orange. So there you go. (3). Some gift wrap tips, from Martha, with love, I imagine. (4). Homemade gift wrap from LA Times. It's meant to look like leather. I like it. (5). Grocery bag pom pom from Simply Modern Mom. Best use of a white and red target bag EVER. Seriously, how many of these do I have lying around? About a million. (6). If you are tired of wrapping your gifts in newspaper, make a gift bag instead. (From, you guessed it How About Orange). (7). A million and one gift topper ideas by BBB craft sisters from Design*Sponge. They have thought of every possible way to adorn a gift. And the claim is you won't have to leave the house for any of them.

Phew... so there you have it. I think this makes up for my lack of DIY tutorials previous to this moment in time. And perhaps it fills my 2011 quota as well. Good luck with whatever you've got left to do before your holiday gatherings (and I am sorry if you don't celebrate Christmas, but I am sure you can file away these DIY ideas for another occasion or perhaps just to make for yourself).


  1. I love How About Orange, too...where do you think I learned how to make the gift bows in my shop?! ;)

    This is an incredibly helpful post, thank you! I will be going back to it time and again, I'm sure!

    (P.S. Sorry I leave so many comments -- can't help it sometimes :)

  2. Please never stop leaving comments... it makes my day when I see new comments show up!