I rode my bicycle past your window last night.

When planning my move to Brooklyn, I did a lot of research on neighborhoods. I wanted to pick an area that was safe, had parking, and would be easy enough to get around (school, Manhattan, etc). When talking to locals about getting around, they have tons of tips. The G train has an odd schedule. There is a bus line that will take you directly to campus if you don't feel like trudging to the subway. Or you could always ride your bike.

The "you could always ride your bike" line came up often. It seemed assumed that if you lived in Brooklyn, you had a bike. I never corrected anyone (that I don't have a bike) and even started using it myself. When my non-NY friends asked me how I was planning on getting around the city, I'd say, "I could take the subway, or a bus, or I can even ride my bike through the park." The phrase "my bike" has become almost figurative... it's available as a mode of transportation always and the small detail that I don't actually own one is seemingly obsolete.

I love the idea of riding my bike around the city. It seems like a very romantic mode of transportation... in theory. These are my bicycling daydreams.

Obviously I'd want a personalized bike (and one built for two... eventually).

With a basket for my books and the wildflowers that I will inevitably pick on the side of the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway.
(found on weheartit)

It would need a bell, so I could give fair warning to any pedestrians that get in my way (and am about to hit).

And of course I would need to wear the appropriate accessories, like this bicycle necklace.

And a helmet, safety first!

And of course streamers. Which I will make myself.

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