I invented post-its.

This is the time of year when we all sit around pondering our New Year's Resolutions. We take the pesky little thoughts that have been lurking around in the back of our brains and bring them out into the light of day to be organized and dealt with. I can't think of a better tool to make this process easier than the post-it. 
I've always loved the convenience of sticky backed paper that I can use for notes to myself. I like how they are small so I am forced to keep the note brief. They are portable so I can take them with me and stick them anywhere. I usually have some note or another stuck to my wallet, and I keep a pad of post-its in my purse... just in case I need to jot something down quickly or redecorate my apartment on a whim.

But the reason why I think they'd be perfect for recording New Year's resolutions is that they are disposable. Part of me likes this because there is no better satisfaction than cleaning out a pile of post-its on your desk and throwing away the completed squares of colorful paper. The other part of me likes to have an exit strategy for all of my failures. If you write all of your resolutions on one list, they sit there in a column, permanently unified. If something doesn't work out despite attempts.... you can cross it off the list but its memory is never completely erased. It exists in the black out of a permanent marker or the smudges of erased pencil. A post it, on the other hand, can be crumbled and chucked into the oblivion of the New York City trash collection. Or, it can be folded down into a tiny but neat little square and tucked into a pocket of a winter coat to be found and re-evaluated for next year's list.

If you are a creepy-sort-of-pack-rat, on the other hand, you could save all of your notes and stick them to your wall. I suggest being extra creepy and putting all of these in a secret room or shed in the backyard and not telling anyone about it. 

I haven't come up with my list of New Year's resolutions yet. Instead, I find myself doodling owls and robots on the post-it I have in front of me and wishing I was in LA so I could go to the Giant Robot's Post It Show 6 (running through January 11). 

(images found on weburbanist and colourlovers)

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