Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.

I have an elaborate New Year's Eve party planned. Not for this year, silly people, but for some year in the distance future when I have a home big enough to host a party and friends close enough to show up. It involves confetti, cupcakes, balloons, streamers, noisemakers, silly hats, paper crowns, mini lights and fun. And sparklers. 

The dress code will be 'fancy' but open to interpretation. I can't wait even though I know the planning of it all will make me feel like this by the end of the night. 
This year, I'm keeping it simple. I've got two good friends coming down to visit me so we can drink fancy cocktails and ring in the new year at whatever Brooklyn bar we end up at (still taking suggestions). It will be fun, because I will be with friends, who are probably stuck in about one million hours of traffic right now  just to be with me tonight. I feel loved.

Although in many ways 2010 feels like a bit of a wash for me, mixed into that was plenty of good. I tried new things, started to work towards new dreams, and made a few new friends (both near and far). I think I mean it when I say I have no regrets. So, thank you, 2010, for the memories. And thank you to all of my friends and readers who have been checking in on this blog day in and day out. 

Wishing everyone out there the very best ending to 2010 you could possibly hope for, and, if you need it, that fresh start in 2011.
Happy New Year!

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