EW: Winter white wonderland.

There is something so serene about this time of year. As much as I start to hate winter (as it drags on and on and on), I absolutely love waking up to that first dusting of snow in December and seeing everything coated in wintery white.
(handmade buttons by tessaann)

If you are also in need of some winter wonderland fantasy, check out these snowy picks in this week's Etsy Wednesday.

Remember how I said we should bring back brooches? I am serious. How gorgeous is this one made out of knitted paper yarn? If you had more than one you could quickly and easily dress up an otherwise plain cardigan or crew neck sweater.

These two rings evoke memories of the season's very first frost, when you look out the crystalized windows and see all of the plants kissed by dusty silvery white. I'd wear either of these (or both) to my next holiday party.

If you've ever tried to buy white paint, you will not be surprised that there can be so many different shades. I love how that truth was captured so beautifully in this print of shimmering trees.

I've had weddings on the brain lately and I am not sure why. Which is maybe why I found these next two items and wanted to share them.

I adore this pearl and crystal headband. Sure, you could wear it on an ordinary day to add sparkle to everyday duds, or you could use it for the perfect accessory to a perfect wedding dress.

Speaking of wedding dresses, this full length tulle tutu is stunning. The beauty of it is that you can pair it with whatever you want on top to truly customize the look based on your own personal style. While we are bringing back brooches, maybe we should work on incorporating tutus into everyday wear as well.

Your name in white. These could be very useful to label notes, coupons, lists, or photos while tacking them onto your fridge. Now everyone knows who is who and what is what.

Words can't describe how much I love this image of a Queen taking a moment of pause in a winter forest.

I can't decide what it is I like best about this bracelet. Is it the snowy white beads, the silver spacers, or the gauzy, shimmery bow that ties it all together?

Sometimes I find snowflake prints too cutesy for my taste. That is not the case for the subtle pattern on this gold and white clutch, which would be glamorous for any winter event.

Because one can never have too many hair accessories. Dress it down by using it to decorate a ponytail while taking a walk in the park.

This week's collection resulted in the most beautiful treasury, if I must say so myself. Please view it here, click on everything, and comment comment comment (there and on this blog). It's my Christmas wish to make it to the Etsy front page. Thank you!


  1. love your blog!!

    thanks so much for featuring my headband

  2. Very sweet & unique. Thanks for noticing my tutus :)