EW Wednesday: Until next week.

I think I forgot it was Wednesday. Or, I forgot that there was a Wednesday this week. I have some good excuses: (A) It's Christmas in a few days. (B) I am babysitting my almost-3-year old niece and she is pretty bossy and only lets me use the computer to show her Elmo videos. (3) I really want to paint my nails like this and I have a feeling it might take me some time.
Needless to say, I didn't get it together to get the weekly EW post done ahead either. And I plan to be MIA in an off the grid kind of way for the next few days while I do my down-to-the-wire Christmas shopping, wrap presents, and bake cookies.
So, until then, enjoy whatever time you have off, and I wish you all the Christmas miracles in the world this holiday season. Oh, and World Peace.

Happy holidays from this muppet to you and yours!

(top two images from weheartit)
(muppet images from A Muppet Christmas Carol)

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