EW: Bundle up.

Sometimes I want to pack up my car and drive West to a place where it is warm and sunny and doesn't snow buckets through April. But, I can't. I am stuck here in the Northeast for at least a few more years. To make things better (and warmer), I stock up on things like coats and scarves and hats and mittens and gloves (sometimes gloves, I am partial to mittens).

Lately hand knit items have come back into fashion. I know, because I tried to join that party a few years ago but have failed in every knitting/crocheting endeavor I ever attempted. But it's okay, because there are so many more people out there that are so much more creative than my simple scarves could ever be. So buy from these people if you are in a cold place and need to get warm again.

I found out recently that I have a freakishly small head. I am not kidding, I am 28 and apparently my head is smaller than a 4th grader's (according to very scientific research done by 4th graders and my mom). This shouldn't be surprising since I found out once at the Museum of Science in Boston that I am as tall as an 8 year old boy. What I am getting at is if you have a freakishly small head, it might be a good idea to compensate with a large bow? I adore this hat. The child-like charm of the knit bow is offset by the neutral taupe color, making it the perfect item for someone who is young at heart.

Whenever I am feeling a little bit chilly all I need to do is wrap something snuggly around my throat and I warm right up. If you feel silly wearing scarves indoors, this green neckwarmer is a little bit subtler and it won't get caught in your bowl of homemade tomato basil soup. (Oh, and I love the soft green color).

I used to love Rainbow Brite growing up (who didn't?) and these arm warmers have her name written all over them. What I particularly like about the design is that each pair is completely unique. The seller doesn't use a pattern and the colors vary from set to set. So, put these on, hop on Starlite, and go have an adventure.

I've always been one to decorate my hair with flowers but thought that they were limited as a spring and summer time accessory. No more when you can get this little beauty in a purple knit.

I wish I could say that I am always prepared with mitten or gloves on cold winter days. The truth is, my poor little fingers have come closer to frost bite than I'd ever let them know. Fortunately, this scarf solves that lost glove problem by including pockets. I like a multi-tasking accessory, especially when it comes in pale pink.

It turns out I like hats that have that little something extra. In this one's case, it's a big mother of pearl button that pulls this look together. Also, can anyone resist that smokey blue-green color?

I'm pretty sure these knit slippers fall into a little known category called "Grandma Chic" (a full post on other items of that same style to come by a guest blogger... someday). I can't imagine a better piece of footwear to use to slide around on drafty hardwood floors or to keep your toes warm while reading by a faux fireplace.

I love the detail that comes with crochet work. This two toned floral scarf represents the artistry that should come about when putting needle to yarn. I tried to get my grandmother to teach me to crochet doilies once.... I ended up with a potholder.

I was going to limit myself to items that keep people warm.... but who am I to deny loose change its day in a cozy knit pouch? Plus, it includes an owl button. And I love owls. And pink. And regular buttons. I haven't swooned in a while... so... Swoon.

I love long gloves and mittens (and arm warmers) because you can wear them with a fashionable 3/4 length coat and still stay toasty, or with a vest while ice skating on frozen ponds. These are based off of the ones Bella wears in the Twilight movies. Lately, I have been partial to zombies, but my first love was with vampires (especially angsty teen ones).

This is not quite a necklace, not yet a scarf... But I find it oddly fascinating.

This last one is just for a pattern... so if anyone knows how to read patterns and make these, I'd really love some hippo mittens. Santa, can you hear me?

I had so many more favorites, I couldn't post them all here. I think I will do multiple treasuries based on product types, so look out for that in a later update (I'm too lazy to do it now). Until then, stay warm! It's cold out there (in this part of the world anyway).


  1. i'm drooling. want. everything. grandma chic coming...soon!

  2. i like the britney spears reference. if it was unintentional, well that's even better.

  3. T, I am glad you picked up on that reference. Of course you would, aren't you the one who mentioned that song to me? It's on this year's holiday mix. Kriz.... can't wait to see more about Grandma-But-Good clothing and accessories.

  4. Or wait, did you mean my "not quite a girl, not yet a woman" (not quite a necklace, not yet a scarf) reference. anyway, they were both semi-on purpose. I think I have Britney on the brain. Which is a scary thought.

  5. Thanks for sharing my big-buttoned hat with the world!

  6. Awesome, I love your blog and your selections for this post! Thanks for putting in my fingerless gloves, I'm flattered :P And thanks for showing appreciation for the uniqueness of those particular sleeves, each pair IS original and unique, and its really nice to hear that others pick up on that, and love originality as much as I do!! Thank you! :)

  7. Thanks for featuring my hair clip! I love your new blog.

  8. Yay, I am glad everyone who is featured likes it!