Diamonds in the rough are we.

This weekend I ended up at the holiday market in Union Square. Initially overwhelmed, I managed to navigate my way through the crowds, found an Etsy booth, ate some amazing chocolate truffles, wanted to buy almost every piece of jewely, and amidst it all discovered a new favorite artist. The shop stall was called Animalsleep and since I am not one for throwing elbows, I made a mental bookmark and looked up more details when I got home.

The artist is Daria Tessler, a math/science nerd turned artist (and an incredible one to boot). She creates magical, children's story book like scenes using pen and ink and silkscreens. Some of her work is incredibly detailed and feels like a visual narrative of some mysterious story. Others come out a little bit more whimsical, like a snapshot taken of an imaginary world. I found so many that I liked, I couldn't possibly share them all here, so be sure to check out her website and blog for more images. Since there isn't much to be found in terms of a bio, read this interview if you want to learn more about the artist herself.

I know what you are thinking... Haven't we seen similar art to this posted on this blog before? And you would be right. Lately I am absolutely obsessed with this sort of illustration/print/mix of dark line drawings and pastel colors.

But what I love about these particular works are the animal and house subjects. It draws upon a childhood nostalgia: they are a little bit Where the Wild Things Are and a little bit I Spy.
Also, I find the combination of flying penguins (or at least that is what I think they are) and interesting Islamic architecture to be irresistible. Am I wrong?
If you are interested in buying any of this lovely artwork, check out the store listings here.

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