Well hello, world.

On a whim just a moment ago, I joined Twitter (@looknook). I don't know why. Because I want to be famous, maybe? So, if this lovely blog isn't enough, I guess you can follow my random thoughts there now! They are bound to be super interesting and updated as often as I remember I have a twitter account.

*Update! Turns out I am not very Twitter savvy and it is hard for me to contain my very important thoughts in text boxes that only allow 140 characters. But have no fear! I read so many articles and see so many cool things on etsy every week, it's impossible for me to write about all of them in this here blog. Thus, I am going to tweet those little nuggets so they don't get lost in the shuffle of things I love like a neglected middle child often does. If that interests you, well, use the link to the right to follow me, friend. Tweetle-dee indeed.

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