There's something in the way she moves.

Recently, I have been given a sort of unexpected gift: access to countless art publications and auction catalogs. Since typically I am more of a "let's get this done as efficiently as possible" type of worker, it took me a few weeks to just settle in and allow myself to enjoy the glorious glossy pages of art.

This week, I got lost in the catalog for one of Christie's Paris upcoming auctions which will include a variety of Richard Avedon photos.

If you think you don't know who Richard Avedon is, you do. He was famous for his portraits (which I love tremendously) but I am particularly smitten with his fashion photography. Not only was he able to capture just the right moment to best showcase the nature of a garment, but also he instilled in the viewer the concept of fantasy. And for me, fashion is all about fantasy. (Which, if we want to go there, is why Mondo should have won Project Runway over Gretchen).

That fantasy is the reason why you want to see fluid movement as you watch an evening gown flow and billow out down a runway and why serious dresses are paired with large, funny hats. It's hard to capture that feeling in a photo, but Avedon was able to do it. Every. Single. Time.

This image alone has inspired me to get out the sewing machine and attempt to replicate this dress. I will also start doing yoga and by sheer will I will grow 12 inches.

Caillebotte's A Rainy Day in Paris come to life. Also what I imagine I look like when leaping off sidewalks to avoid puddles.
Oh Darling, why I'd absolutely love to roller skate around Europe with you.

The best way to hide a hangover is with very large glasses.

I just want to twirl but I must appear ladylike as those gentlemen are watching me.She was not surprised in the slightest to see the elephants, dancing gracefully behind her.
The man himself:

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