They might be giants.

Flipping through BOMB, I spotted an image from this exhibition (Perpetual Battles) part of the Russian non-profit arts movement, the Baibakov Art Projects.
I have a lot of questions. Is this woman real and if so, what is she standing on? What are the photos glued to her dress? Why is everything I try to read about this in Russian? For now, we will have to ponder all of those questions together as I have no answers for you.

Meanwhile, as I was researching this-slash-trying and failing to translate websites from Russian to English, I came across images from the current John Baldessari exhibition in Milan's Fondazione Prada, The Giacometti Variations. Influenced by Alberto Giacometti, he takes that sculptor's signature skinny figures and pushes the envelope even further (a commentary on the fashion industry and it's emancipated models). I find it all oddly fascinating. Even more so, the inspiring venue of the Prada Foundation is beyond exceptional with its cavernous and almost chapel-like interior.


  1. I don't know the rules but usually if you don't use a flash it's okay I think. Getting excited for our road trip!