Open your heart and catch my disease.

I couldn't resist jumping on the zombie band wagon when I saw this print by burntfeather. Also, I have obviously been watching The Walking Dead along with everyone else in the nation, so I guess I have zombies on my brain. Which is good, because it means I still have a brain and it hasn't been eaten by zombies, like what happens in my nightmares every Sunday night.

All of this zombie-love made me remember Diary of the Living Dead: Or, Are you there God? It's me. Also a bunch of zombies, by Jake Swearingen. It was featured in the BANR 2008 and fortunately for you it is also available online, so take a work-procrastination break and read it here.

If you need a teaser, here's the first entry:

Day 1: Turns out all those reports about a riot at the cemetery were kinda right. Zombies pretty much everywhere now. Holed up in my office building with some other survivors. Temping is the fucking worst. The one day I leave my iPod at home, too. Bored. Cute girl trapped in here with us -- apparently her fiancée got bit and she had to smash his head in with her car door. Want to comfort her, or at least share my ration of Cheez-Its with her. Too soon?
Hopefully that little nugget convinced you to click the link to read the full diary (it's only 18 entries that are all about the length of the one above, so you won't be wasting too much time) and soon you'll be laughing to yourself like I am laughing to myself right now. Try not to creep out your co-workers, weirdo.

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