A lack of color.

I have an obsession with outerwear. It started when I lived in Boston and didn't have a car, so I figured the money I saved (on car payments and insurance) could go towards my mode of transportation (T passes, shoes, and coats). Even though my coat collection is quite extensive and I am not in the market for anything new right now, I still love to peruse the latest styles. It doesn't hurt to look, right?

In the past, I have been attracted to coats in bright colors, but for the most part I usually stick with neutrals. Not only are off-whites, creams, greys, and beiges incredibly practical in that match-with-anything kind of way, but you can add pops of color in a scarf, long glove, or bright boot (colorful accessories will have to be another post for another day). What makes the below picks extra-special are the little details, ruffles, pleats, asymmetry, and pockets. Just because these are all neutrals doesn't make them boring.(Gumdrop Detective Coat)

(Cassonade Coat)(Spiced Vanilla Coat)
(Varying Degrees Coat)
(Tuileries Garden Coat)(Defined Flourish Coat)
(Editorial Assistant Jacket)

(At the Marina Jacket)

[For further product information or to purchase, click the links below each photo.]

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