Etsy Wednesday: TEA TIME!

Lately all I have wanted to do is curl up with a book and a cup of tea, preferably in one of the little nooks pictured in yesterday's post. Granted, I do have the luxury of a flexible schedule (the benefits of unemployment until grad classes start) and one would think that would allow me time to snuggle up in cozy corners during the day, but I have been too busy applying to dog walking jobs. (Seriously, I want to be a dog walker, can anyone in NYC hook me up?)

So, sorry, this post is not about clocks (a good idea that I will file away for later use) but about the fine art of enjoying tea. (I recently watched the new Alice in Wonderland, which I liked despite its mixed reviews). So drink up friends! Maybe I will invite you to a tea party.

I've always liked the color yellow. It just makes everything feel all sunshine-y and happy. This vintage teapot would do just the trick to make these gray days just a little bit brighter.

I want a teapot collection, but like most people, I just don't have the space for such types of frivolity loitering in my cabinets. Here is a cute compromise in print form.

I once read an article where it was recommended that you take vintage teacups and line a dresser drawer with them to use as little spots to hold your jewelry and spare buttons. I think I like this stacked approach to jewelry storage better.

One of my past featured sellers (keepcalmshoppe) sent this tea boutique my way. I imagine this loose leaf blend will curb any cravings for apple pie that you might have this holiday season. Or if you are me, drink it with the pie, because you are a fatty and you want your pie flavor and to eat it, too.

Will you come to my tea party? The invitation is in the mail.

If you drink the potion in the jar on the table (labeled DRINK ME), you will shrink down to be small enough to enjoy a sip of tea from this teeny tiny cup. Wear it around your neck so you have it with you always.

Because everyone needs a little place to set their used teabags.

Fancy a brew? Why yes, yes I do. How hospitable of you.

The inspiration for this post was this mug. Because, every mug needs a moustache. Am I right or am I right?

Honestly, there were so many things I found, I really couldn't contain them all in a blog post. SO... I got with the program and created an Etsy treasury of these items AND MORE. You can view it here.

[Please remember, I am not associated with these sellers... I just like their stuff. If you want to view the item, click on the product. If you want to learn more about the sellers/their shops, click their names. If anything is sold before you get there, I am truly sorry but it was probably me who bought it.]

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  1. Great finds. Those invites are particularly awesome -- I've always been a big fan of not only tea (of course) but the illustrations in the first edition of Alice in Wonderland, so those are perfect!