Etsy Wednesday: The Owlery

I just want to say, for the record, that I loved owls WAY before they got famous. Along with hedgehogs and hippos. That's not to say I am not happy with the new popularity of owls, because it means one of my favorite nighttime creatures is now available on pillows, t-shirts, magnets, tote bags, etc.

What is awesome about the new owl trend, is that artists/artisans are not limiting themselves to neutrals when creating their owl-themed wares. Here are some of my colorful finds.

If you are a true lover of owls (and even if you are not), you absolutely must add this calendar to your Christmas List. Each 4 x 6 page hosts a different owl character so you don't get bored month to month. And they are all adorable. And February has a heart shaped face (swoon). The designer says you can get this hole punched for hanging, but I am loving the clothespin look. But hang how you want, it's your prerogative.(2011 owl calendar by gingiber)

These sleepy owl pillows will add a nice pop of color and je ne sais quoi to any living room. I have had a penchant for felt applique ever since my 6th grade sewing project when I made a stuffed whale with little felt fish sewn on one side and wish I had thought of this design myself.(pillows in turquoise/green or autumn by sukanart)

One of my favorite new trends are necklaces with asymmetrical designs. The over-sized white flower bead contrasts in a beautiful way against the dark plum round beads and snowy lilac owl. If I owned this, I'd find a way to wear it daily.(plum owlet necklace by rachelled)

After seeing this owl kitchen sink strainer/drain plug, I am starting to think I overlooked a design opportunity. Nothing would motivate me more to reach into a sink full of dirty water than the need to rescue that cute little owl from his dish-washing nightmare. Does that previous sentence even make sense? Irregardless, I am in love with this and I want one.(stainless steel kitchen sink thingy by funsinkstrainers)

What sold me on this t-shirt was its description: "Spread your wings, little robot owl. Guide me and show me how to slay krakens. How to answer all my e-mails. How to hang out in playgrounds without seeming creepy." Need I say more?(robot owl t-shirt by psychoreindeer)

My old roommate used to always pack her snacks in cute reusable bags. I was jealous of them, but because I always figured I could make some myself I never got around to purchasing them. Even though I still think I could make these myself, why would I want to when cute owl print ones like these are for sale?(eco-friendly snack bag by madasplace)

This seller must like owls as much as me, because it was hard for me to pick just one piece of jewelry to showcase in this post. But I did. Because I am awesome like that. And because I found this particular necklace with its three owls (such a sweet little critter family) perched on a branch just stunning.(silver necklace by lulubugjewelry)

I sort of want to take these magnet and tile my entire fridge with them. Okay, that might be a bit much. I guess these 6 will do.(glass magnet set by stucktogether)

Have I mentioned that I love linen AND I love the color green. Add an owl screen print to an already winning combination and I am in kitchen towel heaven.(kitchen towels by currykaydesigns)

All I need are two words for this next one: Shrinky Dinks.(ring by dillondesigns)

Art is often hard to define. As much as I like wandering museums pondering life's great mysteries, when I am looking to decorate the home I want works that are pretty, interesting, and unique. This woodblock decorated with button-like discs and beads has that little something extra I'd want adding magic to my bookshelf.('night owl' wood block by polkadotpocket)

Another pillow, I know. But I am a sucker for sentimental embroidery. Sigh. (pillow by newleafhandmade)

My mom makes lists that outline every moment of her day, from grocery shopping to going to the gym to relaxing (I am not kidding on that last one). I like to scratch my to-dos out on the back of envelopes, only to stuff them in a purse and forget about them. Maybe if I had a notepad like this one, I'd get more things done? (Also check out this seller's owl totebag.)(notepad by boygirlparty)

Last but not least, I couldn't resist posting this oh-so-soft looking felted wool owl. I think my stuffed hippo needs a friend. (owl by formydarling)

[To purchase any of the above, click on the item name to get to the specific product listing, or the seller name to get to their etsy shop. Again, I am not affiliated with these sellers, I just love their stuff, so if it is already sold before you get there, I'm so sorry.]

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