alt.npr love+radio

A while back (when I used to commute to work by bus), I discovered the alt.npr podcast love+radio. The romantic sounding name hooked me but it was the first episode that I happened to listen to that reeled me in (Bloody Fingers). Turns out it wasn't silly love story nonsense, but a mix of true accounts and made up ones, told to, embellished on, and/or fabricated by creators Nick van der Kolk and Adrianne Mathiowetz.

It's hard for me to put my finger on this show's appeal, but I think Adrianne Mathiowetz said it best when she explained it as "kind of like stumbling upon a diary that you wrote when you were drunk." Since I often do write in my diary while intoxicated to read it the next day and feel that combination of horror, shame, and ridiculousness... I get it.

So, if you are up late tonight and looking for something to listen to: you're welcome.

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