To build a home.

As a child, I always wanted to find a tree house. One that was hidden in the depths of the woods to be used as my own personal sanctuary from the perils of an ordinary childhood. Or, if the mood struck, to use as a clubhouse to gather my friends together so we could share secrets and paint our nails with glitter and make bracelets out of embroidery thread and seed beads.

One day that feels like forever ago, while my family was vacationing on Block Island, we encountered that sort of sacred space that I had always imagined as a child. It was a fort, built collectively on the beach by people who lived on the island and those who vacationed there. The driftwood walls sprung up almost impossibly from the rocky cove while other found objects were used to decorate and provide additional stability.

Each person who visited the fort was charmed by it and tokens were left behind in the forms of business cards, quotes written on or carved into the walls, seaglass, shells, and other beach totems. In many ways, this site was sacred in the way churches, temples, and altars are. A community of individuals created by the sense of wonderment that the fort allowed in an otherwise ordinary world.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the concept of a sacred space. As a child, it is the perfect place that usually exists only in your best imagination. As an adult, this space is what eventually becomes your home.

But, for those of us who constantly feel between places, spending our formative adult years (what I am calling my twenties) moving from apartment to apartment, city to city, living with friends, family, strangers, or alone, the sense of home is easily blurred; the idea of having a place in the world is smudged and loneliness ensues.

Thus, this blog was born. This will be a place where I can create my virtual home, my fort, clubhouse, secret garden, magic tree house. I plan to use it to collect my thoughts on life, living in a new city, pursuing dreams, in the only way I know how: sharing the things that I find interesting, unique, or just simply pretty, whether it be a book, an article, or a new (or new-to-me) artist or craft. Enjoy.

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