Etsy Wednesday: Pumpkin Lovely

Normally, I am not a huge fan of the color orange. Traffic cones and unflattering school-related t-shirts come to mind. But, this season as I bask in the scent of my pumpkin spice latte, I can't help but be a little bit in love with the colors that have recently set New England on fire, the warm yellows and soft oranges in the fall foliage.

In this week's Etsy Wednesday post, I am going to focus on some items that to me represent the spirit of the season and have the essence of pumpkin, whether it be obvious (like the You Are My Pumpkin Pie card) or slightly more subtle (like the This Is Halloween Chrysanthemum Ring). Not too over the top, showy, or cheesy, these items have a nice balance of the colors of the season and some of the cheekiness of upcoming Halloween.

[If you'd like to purchase an item pictured below, just click on the link of the seller name and it will bring you to the site where it is listed. Please note, I am in no way affiliated with these sellers, so I cannot promise that these items will still be for sale by the time you read this.]

For those of you who don't know me, I love pumpkin pie. I could eat it all year but generally I don't (aside from the few times I have had it on my birthday, which is in May). I don't have a significant other or child to give this card to, but if I did, I would. Because if I were to love someone as much as I love pumpkin pie, well, it would be a lot.(card by friendsagain)

If you are in need of some new salt & pepper shakers, these could be the pair for you. To my hungry eye, they look like cream cheese glazed chunks of pumpkin loaf, but the neutral , rustic colors will work in the kitchen during all seasons.(salt & pepper shakers by glazed over)

It's hard for me to resist jewelry, especially flowery rings. The dark gunmetal filigree band provides the necessary contrast with the bright orange cabochon to make it both perfectly charming and a little bit spooky.(ring by tsubasafan)

If I were tea, I'd like to stay cozy, especially if it meant being snuggled up in a hand-knit pumpkin colored wrap, fastened by a wooden button. Not only is it fashionable with its cable details (I never graduated beyond basic ribs created by alternating knits and purls in my lessons), but I imagine that while it keeps your beverage warm, it could also protect sensitive fingers from being burned by hot ceramic.(coffee cup cozy by natalya1905)

Gone are the days of wearing your heart on your sleeve, today we all need to wear poppies on our heads. These soft felt flowers with button details will be a pretty accompaniment to your favorite fall outfit.(headband by itsvann)

The Keep Calm and Carry On poster was initially produced by the British government at the start of WWII to increase public morale in the case of a German invasion. Although it was little known and rarely used at the time, when the Crown copyright expired 50 years later, the simple design became public domain, was rediscovered, and brought back to the presses by the masses.(print by the KeepCalmShoppe)

If you think fingers are for fancy gems but also find that the orange cabochon is impossible to resist today, perhaps you'd like a pair of these harvest bouquet studs to decorate your lobes, instead.(earrings by linkeldesigns)

Whenever I wear a cable knit sweater, I feel a little too preppy for comfort. This bag is a sweet compromise. The chunky knit combined with a satin ribbon detail and bamboo handles will go just as nicely with a jean jacket and a pair of corduroys as it will with a tweed coat and wool dress pants.(shoulder bag by NzLbags)

My final pick has both whimsy and... fangs? Normally, a flapper is a Halloween costume in itself, but not for these cute characters. See these flapper-doodles dressed up as old standbys: a pirate, pumpkin, vampire, ghost, and witch in the print below.(Print by flapperdoodle)

*All of these products and many, many, more are available on my absolute favorite online boutique specializing in handmade and vintage items: To go directly to one of the above sellers shop, just type in


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